When I won a scholarship to art school, my parents convinced me that there was no way I was going to support myself doing art, so I went to UMass and got a couple of degrees and then a day job. But I never stopped playing with fabric and leather and sewing whenever I got a chance. I did re-enactment costuming, renaissance faires and costuming for science fictions conventions, where I met folks who introduced me to the FFF in 2000.

At the FFF, I found patrons who appreciated both the visual and tactile and appreciated themselves more when they wore my creations. It was a life-changing epiphany when a client turned to the mirror and said "Wow, I love it so much I could just f**k myself!" So I quit the day job and began to create full-time. My art still isn't supporting me, but it's giving me a reason to go forth with joy and purpose. The creations that I offer to the world are dreams and fantasies, and I am still exploring ways to draw more deeply. I continue to create for those of you who inspire me, and who love my work enough to grace your bodies with it

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Photo: Chris Williams, mentalaperture.com

Designer: Cloak and Dagger

Model: Onix

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